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Do Solar Screens Fade?

Solar screens can both block the heat that radiates from and through your home\'s window as well as the sunlight. There are many different solar shades, however, that work best in various situations depending on what you need. Typical solar shades are made with a polyester weave, and sometimes PVC-coated to ensure more durability.

Certain solar screen materials can be mounted inside and outside. For instance, our custom Sheerweave 2000 series shades for interiors are perfect for interior solar screens, while we also offer Twitchell™ Textiline© exterior roll up solar shades for excellent outer protection as well. Whether inside or outside, solar shades work to keep harmful UV light and the heat from radiating through your windows.

How do they work?

Solar screens, for the most part, are made to block the sun while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite views from your windows, patios, or porches. Solar screens available from us come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, frames, frame colors, with options for crossbars, hardware types, chain length, clutch color and side, roll direction, and even tie-down grommets to match any décor. These solar shade fabrics can fall into three main categories: dark fabric, light fabric, and blackout. Light and dark fabrics all provide glare and heat control, natural light management, a view, management of light, and UV protection. Blackout screens will block almost all light entirely and in doing so, the view is often obscured.

What do they do?

Dark-colored solar shades provide a higher glare control by reducing the visible light that comes through the fabric 80 to 90%. They will absorb the heat from the window, keeping it there and dissipate it slowly, creating most of the time a noticed reduction in temperature within the room it is used. This, in turn, reduces the amount of energy you may be using as a homeowner to keep the room cool in summer or in areas where extreme heat is the norm almost all year round.

Lighter color solar shades are effective at reflecting heat and allow more diffused light into the room they are in. They block 80-90% of harsh sunlight without darkening a room too sharply. These are excellent décor choices for a room that has much smaller windows, or a room in which a homeowner still wants a light and airy feel without the heat or damaging UV rays. They can be likened to sheer drapes with far more protection capabilities.

Did you know it is recommended to wear sunscreen daily, even when inside and especially if you are in direct sunlight to protect from UV rays? Protection from harmful UV rays not only is important for our skin, but it is also important for your home. Carpets, furniture, and many objects in your home are susceptible to the damaging effects of exposure to UV. Too much sunlight will cause colors to fade and can especially harm wooden furniture.

What is the difference between solar screens and film tint?

The film is applied to the interior of a window. Unfortunately, it is not designed for double pane windows and is far less effective as interior or exterior solar screens. Not only do they not perform as well, should your windows have warranties, but the use of film tint will also void them, as it damages sealed thermal plane windows. Film tint is usually permanent and is not scratch or damage resistant either, tends to be far more expensive than shading and we have noted that many of our customers who use film tints often order and add a solar screen to their tinted windows to provide the needed heat control they do not get from the tint.

Do solar screens fade?

Whether your solar screens will fade in the sun entirely depends on what they are made with, how they are made, and where they come from. Like any product, quality is of massive importance when it comes to the longevity of colorfastness and life of your solar screens. It is important to know before purchasing exactly where your solar screens are made and what materials have been used to create them.

The highest quality solar shades on the market today are made with Textilene or are the Sheerweave series, which we are proud to supply to our customers. We chose these as they are the industry leaders in creating superbly durable screens, fabric, and beautiful options for both interior and exterior décor. These solar shades are made to withstand a massive amount of solar abuse. The exterior solar shades can take on some of the toughest outdoor elements as well, not just UV light.

Textilene and Sheerweave\'s unique material and creation process protect them from abrasions, fading, and sun damage. Biocides included also reduce the risk of mold or mildew.

Ready for your new solar screens?

If you\'re ready for your new fade-resistant, UV protective, gorgeous new solar screens, we\'re here to help you! Choose between Textilene 80 or Textiline 90, custom Sheerweave 2000, Sheerweave 5000, Sheerweave 5000 Natural, Sheerweave 7000 blackout, Sheerweave 71000 blackout, and much, much more when you order with us.

Our window treatments use the highest quality materials for your window, door, patio, and porch screens to keep you and your family comfortable and protected. The energy use reduction could save you up to 30%. If you are ready to enjoy your beautiful windows and sunlight without the risk and damage but have more questions about our solar screen selection, contact us anytime. It would be our pleasure to work with you to find your home the perfect screen to suit your needs.