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DIY Garage Door Screen

Whether you fancy yoga or home improvement DIYs, your garage can be a space where you practice many hobbies. No matter what takes place in your garage, it can happen in a terrace-like environment when you convert your space with a screen! A closed garage door can leave you feeling boxed in and stuffy, while an open door may let in bugs and unwanted debris. Screening in your garage will allow you to work (or relax!) in your garage on a nice day without having to worry about a thing. You can transform your garage into a luxurious outdoor living space by following a few easy steps.

Supplies You'll Need Before Starting:
• Tape Measure
• Box cuttor or Sharp Utility Knife
• Glue, staples or thread
• Alcohol or cleaner for spot cleaning before using Velcro Fasteners

Step 1: Deciding Which Type of Screen
There are a few different options for installing screen doors in your garage. The most cost-effective option, and the one we will be discussing in this article, is a zip-up screen door. This is typically the easiest option to install and store while remaining effective at keeping bugs out. Other types of screen doors for your garage include sliding or retractable doors. These can be convenient because they hook up to your garage door opener; however, they are more expensive and need to be installed by a garage door company. You should choose the most appropriate screening for your outdoor living space needs.

Step 2: Measure
In any DIY project, measuring is vital, and this is no exception! You'll want to ensure you measure the length and width of the garage door you'll be screening to purchase the correct supplies.

Step 3: Cut Your Screen
Once you get your screen, take a box cutter or another sharp blade to prevent snags and rips, and cut according to the measurements of the garage door. You'll want to leave enough excess material on each end to allow for seams and ensure that the screen will stretch. Fold over a little bit on each side to create the hem. You don't need to be able to sew the hem! Glue or staples work just fine. While the box cutter is out, you can cut a straight line down the middle for the zipper.

Step 4: Attach Zipper
Line up your double-sided zipper with the two pieces of screen and fasten the zipper to the screen either with staples, glue, or thread.

Step 5: Attach Velcro Fasteners to Screen
Next, adhere half of the velcro fasteners around the screen's perimeter. If the velcro does not come with adhesive, you can glue, staple, or sew it onto the screen.

Step 6: Attach Velcro Fasteners to Garage
The other half of the velcro fasteners can be placed around the garage. It is a good idea to clean the area on the wall where the velcro will stick because dirt can hinder the effects of the adhesive.

*** Important Note -- You don't have to use velcro to hang up and attach your screen door to your garage. You can also install hooks in your ceiling and hang it!

Step 7: Hang it Up!
Now that the velcro is up, you can attach your new screen to the garage door frame. Cut away any excess screen on the edges with your box cutter, and enjoy your new outdoor space! If you want to take it a few steps further, you can always reach out to screening experts like us, who will be happy to assist you, but this introductory guide is excellent for starters!

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