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Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Windows do more than provide a looking glass to the outside. They also can affect your home's efficiency, which impacts your energy bills. Up to 40% of heat energy can be lost through windows, meaning you can improve energy costs by maximizing your windows’ efficiency.

Double-glazed windows use two pieces of glass separated by a 12mm gap filled with air. The air gap is sealed and filled with gas to provide a barrier between the inside and outside, increasing insulation. Double-glazed windows are highly efficient, reducing costly temperature loss or gain by up to 30%. 

Since glass conducts heat well, regular windows provide a little barrier between the temperature differences inside and outside. The small air space between the two glass sheets in double-glazed windows traps heat and insulates the window in ways that single-glazed windows cannot. Several other benefits make double-glazed windows an extremely efficient option.


  1. Energy Efficient: The most apparent benefit is the added insulation compared to traditional single-glazed windows. Since they reduce the heat transfer from your home to the colder air outside, these windows allow your house to hold and retain heat from the sun during the day. In the summer, the windows keep the heat out so you can stay cool. Your home should be comfortable no matter the season, and double-glazed windows provide an insulated environment!
  2. Better Security: Due to the two layers of solid glass and the mechanics of the window, double-glazed windows are much harder to break compared to regular windows. Toughened or laminated glass and the difficulty of opening them from the outside make double-glazed windows an intruder deterrent. Double-glazed windows allow you to sleep comfortably both temperature-wise and knowing that your home is protected.
  3. Increased Property Value: Whether you’re planning to sell your house or live there forever, it’s never a bad idea to make improvements that increase your property value. Single-glazed windows do not offer the savings, protection, and comfort that come with double-glazed windows. Since double-glazed windows make homes more comfortable in numerous ways, prospective buyers will be drawn to this amenity. 
  4. Easy Cleaning: Double the glass means double the cleaning, right? Wrong. Double-glazed windows are simple to maintain. Buildups of dirt and dust can cause discoloration of the glass or frame, so double-glazed windows, like all windows, should be wiped down frequently. Easy clean technology that comes with many windows ensures that your windows stay clean and shiny with minimal maintenance on your part. 
  5. Reduced Condensation: Condensation appears on windows when the windows are cooler than the air inside the house. Single-glazed windows are often clouded with condensation during the winter months that impede views and can cause hazardous mold and mildew. The insulation of double-glazed windows curbs condensation because the interior window pane traps heat from the inside of the house rather than outside. Reduced condensation means clearer views, less mold, decreased chance of wood rot, and costly frame repairs. 
  6. Noise Reduction: Block out loud neighbors and noisy traffic with double-glazed windows. Single-glazed windows allow most sound in and out of the house with their single glass pane. Doubling the amount of glass and the overall thickness will ensure that your home is serene and relaxing. Keep your noise inside and others’ noise out!
  7. Reduced Energy Bills: Every season, it seems energy costs skyrocket. Get ahead of extreme temperature months with double-glazed windows. Their insulation contributes to your home’s heat retention from the sun during the day, so you won’t need to turn on the heat as much in the winter. In the summer, reduced use of air conditioning due to your home’s ability to retain cool air will lead to much lower energy consumption and noticeable savings on energy bills. 

The higher cost of double-glazed windows pays for itself in terms of energy bill savings, increased safety and property value, comfortable living space, and much more. Reap the benefits of double-glazed windows and only opt for the best for your home!