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Adjustable Window Screens Benefits

Whether you have recently moved into a new space, home, or apartment, having a window to let in natural light, air, and to look out of is often one of the small joys in life. However, you might find yourself running into a common issue in older buildings, or perhaps in between maintenance, and that issue is missing window screens.

As lovely as an open window is, having what feels like every stray mosquito, fly, beetle, insect, leaf, dirt, and dust in the neighborhood fly in the open is much less lovely.

Alternatively, if your new home or rented home has traditional double-hung windows and was built in or before the 1930s, you may not wish to add aftermarket window screens to keep the visual appeal of the original architecture of your home.

If so, you may enjoy the broad benefits of adjustable window screens for your living space!

Portable and Versatile

Adjustable window screens are fantastic for the home, but did you know they also can be used in almost any window? Windows in RVs, cabins, boats, and mobile homes can all benefit from an adjustable window screen. Adjustable window screens do not require a frame and fit and stay into a window with tension.

These screens can also take seconds to install and seconds to take down, meaning they can travel with you from home to home and will not involve any nails or glue. Tools are not needed, and no screws placed into wood or existing frames ensure no damages.

Additionally, if you are living in a property that will not allow the installation of a window screen, this will be your go-to solution.

Easy Replacement

If you find yourself living in a remarkable home from the 18 or early 1900s, you may find that the home either lacks screens entirely or that perhaps a less than stellar job has been done to install modern screens in a home without a modern front. Aging, saggy or incorrectly placed screens can become an eyesore.

For an unobtrusive replacement that requires little to no effort, you can replace old screens or use an adjustable screen in windows lacking them.

Fresh Air

Some of us live in climates that have a short but stifling hot summer before the air begins to cool off and transition into fall. Being able to open your window is a huge benefit to overcoming summer heat when an A/C unit isn\'t available. It\'s also nice to feel a fresh gust of air pass through your house from time to time.

When you do not have screens built into your windows, fresh air during the warmer months without bugs may be next to impossible. No one enjoys being awoken in the middle of the night with the buzzing of a mosquito or having to chase down a fly.

An adjustable window screen will nest in the area which stands open when you raise your windows, allowing you to let in the fresh air without the bugs and debris.

No Tools Needed

Possibly the easiest window screen you will ever DIY install. Adjustable window screens do not need drills, screws, nails, hammers, measuring, weather stripping, or even a frame for installation.

To install our adjustable window screens all you need is to open your window and put the screen into position. Next, extend the sides to stretch the full width of your window and place it in position. Once in place, let the window close onto the screen. Your new window screen now is installed.

Fits Most Standard-Sized Windows

Most window sizes fit a standard height of 10 inches, 15 inches, or 18 inches and we carry these sizes for your convenience. Each of these sizes also expands from 20 inches wide to 37 inches wide.

Perfect Pet View

Of course, our beloved pets often enjoy a nice breeze and to gaze out over yards, streets and take in the views as well. Without a screen, most likely an indoor pet would not be able to relax in front of an open window taking in the scents and scene. Risk of bugs or your pet bolting off if startled is greatly reduced with an adjustable window screen in place.

Additionally, if you own a pet that is not a strictly indoor animal, and adjustable screen in a living space that would not allow installation of a pet-friendly door might be a fantastic temporary solution. Allow your furry friend to come and go as he or she pleases with an open window without unwanted visitors.

The benefits of adjustable window screens as you can see are all excellent with a wide range of uses as well as solutions for your window screen needs. If you\'ve been wondering what to do about dressing your windows for the rest of summer, wonder no more! Let the fresh air in but keep the bugs and dirt out with an adjustable window screen today. No assembly required out of the box, so there\'s no wait to throw open your windows and enjoy a cool breeze.

Do you have questions about our top-notch window screens or any of our window treatment products? Feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 to speak to our expert customer service.