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About Us

In 2005, Quality Window Screen Company was established in the garage of Dan Roland in the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas. As a state with very high temperatures in the summer, there was an apparent need for a screened solution to help cool homes and businesses without high energy bills. Working as a local supplier, he catered to the needs of residents in the area, helping them screen and shade their homes. The screens were able to cool homes more than 10 degrees, which made a huge impact. It wasn’t long before Roland realized that the business could live and prosper online. Thus, he began taking orders for window and solar screens on his new website, and it turned out to be a great success. So much so that Roland quickly outgrew the confinements of his household garage and had to expand the business even more to assemble, package, and ship his products.

Six years later in 2011, Eric Pyhrr became the owner of the company, continuing the mission to help customers find the screen solutions they need to live more comfortably. Today, Quality Window Screen Co. serves homeowners and businesses alike nationwide. We strive to offer a broad selection of quality screening products to fit our customers’ needs and reliable customer service that can lead them in the right direction. Our warehouse team packages our products with care, ensuring each order leaves us accurately fulfilled. We are continuously evolving our offerings and listening to customers to better serve home and business owners across the nation. Whether you live in New England, the West Coast, or even in Texas, we have the right window and solar screen options to make life a little easier for you and your family.


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