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8 Common Types of Home Windows

When choosing windows to replace existing ones or to install in a newly designed home, it can be a little overwhelming. Should you choose a style based on practicality? Or based on your aesthetic preferences? In some cases, you can have the best of both worlds! Here are the eight most common types of home windows.

Double-Hung Windows
Double-hung windows are the most popular style of home windows. They feature two window sashes that can move independently up and down vertical tracks in the window jams. This can create airflow at the top and bottom of the window simultaneously. Each sash usually tilts inward up to 90 degrees, which makes for easy cleaning and repairs. Since these are the most popular home windows, they are offered in a variety of materials, styles, and price points.

Single-Hung Windows
Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung windows in their functionality, except that only their lower sashes move up and down. The bottom sash slides in the same way along vertical tracks in the window jam while the upper sash remains in place. This means that airflow is only possible at the bottom of the window. But what they lack in movement and aesthetics, they make up for in price. Single-hung windows are currently the most affordable style of residential windows on the market.

Sliding Windows
Sliding windows are essentially horizontal versions of single- and double-hung windows. They also feature two sashes that move along tracks set in the window jams, except these sashes move horizontally. Sliding windows are flexible in that they can be ordered in a variety of sizes, from large and square like a picture window to long and narrow like basement windows. They can help a room look larger by elongating the space, and they can bring in natural light to partially underground areas of the house.

Casement Windows
Casement windows do not slide along tracks but open outward on hinges like a door. They are made with a single pane of glass, and their movement is controlled by a crank on the inside of the window. Since this kind of window opens outward instead of up and down or side to side, the window screen is installed on the inside of the window. With other windows that open and close, the screen is installed on the outside.

Awning Windows
Awning windows are just like casement windows, in that the glass panes swing outward on hinges. Instead of swinging horizontally, awning windows open vertically. By using a crank on the inside of the frame, these windows get pushed out and upwards, creating a perfect awning as their name suggests. These kinds of windows are used primarily in areas that receive a lot of rain, as their design is perfect to let airflow into the home while keeping the rain out.

Bay Windows
Bay windows are one of three styles listed here that do not fully open and close. They are installed mainly for aesthetic purposes, but also allow a great deal of natural light to come into the home. They are constructed using three large glass panes set into an angled frame, with one large pane in the center and a smaller one on either side. The frame is built protruding outward from the exterior wall of the house. The two-side windows can sometimes be installed as double-hung or casement windows to allow for airflow.

Arched Windows
Arched windows add an interesting architectural design to the home. They are installed as a single massive pane of glass that does not open or close. The purpose is to add a unique design as well as let people inside the home appreciate the view outside. Sometimes, an arched window can be achieved by adding a smaller arched pane over traditional rectangle windows. These rectangular windows can be double-hung or casement windows, just like in the bay window option, to allow for airflow.

Picture Windows
Finally, picture windows are a window option used solely for aesthetic purposes. They are constructed using one large rectangular pane of glass and are set on the side of the house that offers a beautiful view. This unobstructed view of the outdoors can make the room feel much bigger and can make you feel more connected with nature. These are showstopping windows, and their installation price reflects that fact.

We hope this has helped you make your decision and provided a window into the many options available to you.