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3 Reasons to Update Your Window Screens

Whether you've recently moved into a home brand new to you, or it's been a decade or more—this is an excellent time for us to remind you that you should think about updating your window screens. 

Between everyday concerns, work, chores, raising and looking after kids, and everything else in our busy lives, more often than not, our window screens are probably the last thing we think about when it comes to the house. Many of us forget to keep up with cleaning and maintaining them, or we notice a tear one year that isn't so bad but get caught up in our lives and forget to address it. 

Updating your window screens now is an excellent way to nip any expensive and unforeseen issues before it happens while saving you potentially costly repairs in the future. And there are many other reasons why you should update your window screens. Here are our experts' top three!


There is nothing fun about waking up in the middle of the night to the high-pitched whine of a mosquito or, worse, a severely itchy spot where one has bitten you. Keeping insects and other pests out, such as hornets, wasps, and more, is one of the most important reasons you should update your window screens. 

Small tears and holes in window screens can let in all sorts of flying, crawling insects into your home that could lead to potentially unwanted infestations. Additionally, some of these may carry increased risks of diseases. Window screens placed in homes during the early 1950s were the number one accredited reason Malaria was nearly entirely within the United States. They still contribute to the prevention of many other insect-carried diseases. 

Elevated Exterior

Old window screens with rips or tears, chipped paint, or warped frames tend to be unattractive. You can spend hours perfecting your front and back yard, creating beautiful landscapes, but if your window screens are beginning to look ragged, that can make your hard work seem for nothing. 

First impressions are crucial for homeowners looking to rent or sell. If the first thing a potential buyer or renter sees is rusted frames, cracks, or holes in the screens, they may never look back at your property. 

There's no denying that updating your window screens improves your home's curb appeal and may add more value than you might expect to your home. 

Innovative Technology

If your screens are several years old and beginning to wear out, updating them now means you'll be able to take advantage of the newest screen technology. New, better, and stronger materials, hardier window screen frames, custom solar screens, retractable window screens, and retractable screen doors are some of the most recent innovations in window screens. 

Additionally, many new window screens are easier to install on your own and allow you some privacy in your home. Window screens designed today usually do not let people be able to see inside your home during the day, yet permit you to see out easily. You can open the windows without closing the blinds, enjoying the fresh air with little worry. 

If you're tired of looking at your old, weather-beaten window screens on your home that no longer work properly, it's time for an update. Consider energy-efficient solar screens or a DIY kit that will refresh your home, keep insects at bay, and allow privacy. 

Would you love to know more about updating your window screens? Feel free to reach out to us at Quality Window Screens today. It would be our pleasure to help!