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Custom Aluminum Patio & Porch Screen Panels

Custom Aluminum Patio & Porch Screen Panels

Custom Aluminum Patio & Porch Screens Made to Your Screen Sizes.

Aluminum patio & porch screen panels are best choice of screen mesh for areas that have problem with insects such as grasshoppers that might eat fabric type material like fiberglass mesh. If left undisturbed, aluminum patio & porch screen panels can last up to 30 years without having to be replaced.  They are a great choice for an affordable screened in patio or porch for budget conscious homeowners.

Although aluminum screen mesh is a metal, it is very delicate. Aluminum screen installed in homes with pets or young children pushing against the screening mesh material may leave a visible mark or even a dent in the screen.  The wire strands in the aluminum screening are brittle and tend to break if something falls against the screen which might puncture the screen leaving a hole.

Better Option to Aluminum Patio Screen Panels:  Unless you are dealing with insects that like to eat fiberglass mesh, we recommend the fiberglass patio screen panels in active areas. Click here for more information about ordering fiberglass patio screen panels where you can choose upgraded screen mesh like UltraVue, No-See-Um 20x20, SuperScreen, and Textilene® 80. 

Our custom aluminum patio and porch screen panels are made with heavier duty 5/16 thick x one-inch (.024 ga.) aluminum frame and 18x16 aluminum mesh screen material in larger sizes. They have internal mitered corners and the screen colors are charcoal, black or silver screen. Your 5 aluminum frame color choices are white, bronze, silver, tan and champagne. There is also a variety of attachment hardware to suit your needs.

NOTE: Large screens should be attached securely on all sides.

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3.00 lbs
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6-10 Items $39.95
11+ Items $34.95


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Bruce Beeghly
May 26, 2016
I bought 6 aluminum screens for a porch. All were well built, quality materials and assembly. Shipment was well protected. Would recommend.
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Gary Finn
Oct 5, 2015
Excellent, Quality met and exceeded my expectations. Well packaged. Prompt Service. Dimensions were precise.

Advantages: Very easy to install.

Disadvantages: none.
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Charles Vorrias
Jul 6, 2015
Beautiful, well fitting screens!
I was very impressed with the fit.
Just remember.....the old adage: measure twice, cut once really applies here because once they're delivered, you own these screens and they better fit!

Advantages: Great fit, good quality, acceptable turn around time ( about 2 weeks) delivered in a giant, heavy wooden crate to protect the screens.

Disadvantages: A few pounds of screens come delivered in a massively heavy wooden crate to protect them and you have to play "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" to pry this behemoth open!
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Connie Miller
Dec 3, 2014
We received our screens today. I was contacted by Quality Screens of the shipment. The screens seem to be fine. I was a little disappointed in the service. In my opinion customer service did not meet expectations. Too spend over $1,700.00 on screens it could have been somewhat better. The first email I received back seemed a little smart but I overlooked that. I have been in customer service for over 25 years and I know how customers would like to be treated. Overall it was satisfactory.

Advantages: To order online was easy. Not sure yet if I would recommend Quality Screens.

Disadvantages: I was highly disappointed with the delivery service. The driver was nothing short of rude. I ask him to wait 5 minutes for my husband to get back to our house so he could tell him where he wanted him to unload them. Yes, he waited, however when my husband ask the driver that he wanted to pull his trailer up to let him unload them on he refused to do so. I had told the driver my husband have a very bad heart as well as the lady I had spoke to at Quality Screens. It would have taken him a matter of minutes, no more than 5 if that to get his trailer. The driver said no and dropped the crate in our driveway. I am absolutely furious. I will be contacting Pitt Ohio and reporting him. If I would need anymore screens and this company would deliver I guess I would go elsewhere.
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alan vaccaro
Jun 21, 2014
the screen arrived when they said it would...fit like a glove.....good quality...very happy

Advantages: you cant get it done any easier

Disadvantages: none
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Mar 18, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I am delighted to share my excellent experience doing business with the Quality Screen Company.
In February 2013, I placed an order for 21 custom aluminum porch screen panels, and when they arrived (ahead of schedule, no less), I was extremely impressed with the finish and sturdiness of the frames, as well as the precision in which the panels were made, especially since no two panels were of the same dimensions. I have already installed a third of the panels on my newly renovated porch, using the “how-to” guidelines Quality Screen Company provided on their web-site, and I could not be happier with the results. The panels provide the exact look I was seeking to achieve for my porch.
By the way, the installation guidelines were not only very helpful, but were the impetus that led me to eventually return to Quality Screen's website to place my order.
I highly recommend Quality Screen Company to anyone who is looking for a “quality” screen product, provided by a company that offers exceptional customer service.
Ruby Robertson
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Eleanor Craig
Nov 19, 2010
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Just wanted you to know the screens arrived Tues. afternoon in great shape. Got them installed yesterday with no problems. They fit perfectly & the color matches the house great.
Thanks so much for your help. We are vey happy with the results & your product.
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Jeffrey Riddlestorffer
Mar 27, 2009
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great job guys, from beginning to end.
Thank you very much.
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