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Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

Sliding Screen Door Kit is Custom Sized to Your Patio Screen Door Specifications.

Our Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door Kit is an easy DIY assemble kit.  They are an affordable way for customers to replace their old sliding screen doors. Customers can also order the Sliding Screen Door Kits in larger custom sizes than they can on the assembled doors and save on over-size freight charges too.  Our Classic screen door is sometimes also used on double doors and on outside screened in patios, porches, pool enclosures and gazebos.

Here’s what one of our customers said about our Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT
My screen came out great!  I have to tell you Dan, I never put a screen together before.  I'm a web designer not a handy person. I'm a woman of many talents I guess.  You guys made it real easy, it snapped together with ease.  The screen rolled in real smoothly with the tool you sent along. My niece and I just laughed at the finished product, it was perfect! Thanks so much!

Our Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door Kit is a strong door and much sturdier than the screen doors sold at local hardware stores.  Our Classic Screen Door is easy to adjust with the spring loaded adjustable wheels. If you order a sliding patio door with our solar screen material, we can also build you a matching solar screen for the fixed side that mounts on the outside of the door tracks.

Our Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door Kit’s frame is pre-cut and the rollers installed for easy assembly. The Classic screen door’s extruded aluminum frame makes the classic sliding screen door more durable than typical patio screen doors.  It has a baked on enamel finish in several color choices. The screen door’s frame is 1/2 inch thick to fit standard door tracks. The Classic includes a UV resistant handle with lock and 1 1/4 inch spring loaded adjustable steel wheels with bushings, and metal corners. Other options include a choice of fiberglass insect screen, SuperScreen, solar screen, pet resistant screening or tiny insect mesh screen. The door’s screen color is charcoal or black unless requested otherwise.

The Classic Sliding Screen Door is also available fully assembled screen door .

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Custom Fiberglass Window Screens
Screen Frame 5/16"x3/4" (.020 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Screen Frame 7/16"x3/4" (.020 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Screen Frame 7/16"x1" HD (.025 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Screen Frame 5/16"x1" HD (.025 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Sep 6, 2017
Great quality door! Measured an existing door I have and the new door was a perfect fit! Easy to assemble. Definitely beats the price of the local home improvement store. Arrived with in 10 days to CA. I will be ordering a second sliding door kit for my other sliding door!
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Tom Manley
Sep 6, 2017
Solidly built, assembles easily, and the installation and adjustments took little time. Overall I am very happy with this patio screen door

Advantages: Built to specification
Well built - high quality
Assembly instructions are easy

Disadvantages: Requires assembly
More expensive than standard screen doors bought in stores
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Fred Van Geest
Sep 3, 2017
The door was just as advertised. It fits perfectly. Super easy to assemble and install. I would definitely recommend.

Advantages: Easy to assemble. Classic, simple look.

Disadvantages: None.
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Roshani Poudel
Aug 21, 2017
Glad we ordered this product. It fits out need.

Advantages: Custom sizes, easy installation
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Gustavo Chun
Aug 13, 2017
Very Happy !!!
It was very easy to order, got my shipment quick and assembling was easy, with all the accessories need it and tools that came with the package. The only problem was that fit it a little tight, but that was my fault when giving the size.

Advantages: Tools included, it is really customized size, as need it.

Disadvantages: They dont make mistakes even if you wanted, ha !
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John Martin
Aug 13, 2017
I have an odd size sliding door and could not purchase a ready made door screen at a home improvement store. After researching and comparison shopping on line I decided to go with Quality Screen. The door was easy to assemble and is a perfect fit. It was less expensive than other screen companies and is a better quality screen than the one I had to replace. Any one who is contemplating ordering, do not hesitate.

Advantages: Easy to assemble and good quality. Sized to your specifications.

Disadvantages: None
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Christopher Lamphier
Jul 30, 2017
Quality of the door everything it was advertised to be. Went together easily. Glides nicely on metal rollers . Couple things to keep in mind, that I did not notice in the instructions. There were 2 small plastic inserts that I later determined belong in the edge of (at least) the latch side of the door. They keep the top of the door from rocking in the frame. They need to be installed before the frame is assembled. The other thing is the rubber seal that is on the side opposite the latch. That is easily trimmed by peeling it off along the serrations . Once I figured that out, it was a piece of cake. Door looks great and works great.

Advantages: Assembled size was exactly what I ordered. Goes together easily, screen installation directions are clear.

Disadvantages: Just the note about the spacer/bumper. I found them and determined what they were for after I had installed the screen.
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Michael Ainsworth
Jul 30, 2017
Absolutely PERFECT product. Initial measurements were super easy to comprehend via a user friendly website. My screen door kit arrived ready to assemble. Minor hitch on lack of uber detail instructions to install the handle, but it was a no brainer.

Advantages: You get precisely what you ordered. Quality was top notch. Assembly was easy, I performed mine on the dining room table.

Disadvantages: None other than you have to wait a week or two for your CUSTOM MADE screen door to arrive. But how awesome is that. Custom made direct to your front door.
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Eric Callahan
Jul 29, 2017
Was nice and easy to assemble. Just be sure not to have it to tight or it will bow the screen and you will need to loosen back up. The rubber seal is stiff at first making the door feel tight so wait for it to warm up before your final adjustment.

Advantages: Shipped to your home no running around looking for a quality screen door.

Disadvantages: None.
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Hugh Hazle
Jul 29, 2017
For me and for any moderately handy person, your product is a solid five stars. I think installing the screen is a bit challenging because I do it so rarely (for me once previously about 20 years ago). The directions are good.

Advantages: The door fits. Ready-mades that fit well may be hard to find at the home centers. I didn't have to haul it. Delivery was prompt and was exactly as ordered. Fitting the frame together is child's play, and its square.
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