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Custom Textilene® 90% Solar Screens

Custom Textilene® 90% Solar Screens

Our custom Textilene® 90 solar screens with Twitchell™ Textilene® fabric, a world leader in solar screens, can reduce your cooling portion of your electric bill by 30%.  The Textilene® 90% solar screen mesh blocks approximately 90% of the suns radiant heat before it reaches the window in an exterior application.  Our solar screens are factory made with heavy duty .024 mil. aluminum frame with recommended larger frames choices. The Twitchell™ Textilene® 90 is a fabric woven of extremely strong and durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns.   Textilene® 90% is pet resistant, it’s made of PVC coated Polyester. It has UV inhibitors to keep it from fading or rotting upward to 25 years in the direct sunlight.   Twitchell™’s Textilene® Warranty is 10 years.  

Compared to Textilene® 80%, Textilene® 90% does not allow much natural sunlight to enter your home.   Textilene® 90% is commonly used on media room windows to reduce glare. This solar screen is also good for homes that are located in desert regions or for bedroom windows of daytime sleepers.  The cooling effects on the Textilene® Solar Screen 80% and 90% are virtually the same. They both will cool your rooms up to 15 degrees depending on the efficiency of the home.  You must screen the entire window to achieve maximum solar screen efficiency results

Textilene® 90 solar screen is available in a choice of six earth tone colors; black, brown, beige, dark bronze, grey and stucco.  There are five frame color choices and a wide selection of attachment hardware to meet most any needs.  For solar screens we recommend the heavy duty 5/16 x 1” or 7/16 x 1” window screen frame. These window screen frames are sturdier than your average window frame.  We also recommend crossbars for solar screens. This is a great screen choice for those looking for durable window screen that provides great glare protection especially for media rooms. 

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Deborah Hearne
Sep 4, 2016
Ordered 20 screens that included 5 different sizes. Great quality material delivered in safe packaging to Rhode Island! They do the trick in our converted church house's large windows. Immediately feel the heat of the day diffused and can't wait to see that reflected in utility charges.
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Vince Pennington
Aug 12, 2016
Website videos helped out tremendously. Quality of my 5 solar screens seem to be great. Prepare yourself for a long wait time for shipment. White Casement Clips and White Screws are of great quality, I would suggest this procedure for securing screens.

Advantages: Seems to be controlling the severity of heat from the westward sun as it sets.

Disadvantages: Shipping takes way too long! Definitely does when the company loses your order and doesn't even call you so you're expecting delivery to find out they haven't even made them because they lost your order. Again shipping needs to get their act together its really hurting the company in the end. I will say Customer Service helped when they discovered the order was lost but still took over 3 week for shipment to arrive.
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Rod Poovey
Jul 11, 2016
Excellent product & delivery - website was very user friendly.
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jon glen
Jul 2, 2016
At my last house, I hired a contractor to supply and install. Of course it was expensive but it worked well. This time I went with Quality Screen and saved lots of money. They are exactly the same but at a fraction of the price. I quickly installed them and immediately noticed a difference! The packing was in a damage proof wooden crate! Wow did not expect that!

Advantages: same as a contractor would supply
very reasonably priced
well packaged
quick shipment

Disadvantages: Can't think of any
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Ray Berney
May 28, 2016
We are very happy with the screens and have purchased them on two occasions from Quality Screen.

Advantages: The screens help keep our pictures from fading. They also keep the hot summer sun from heating up the rooms.

Disadvantages: None at all.
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Mary Alice Brown
Mar 9, 2016
Perfect!!! What a difference they made on the west side of our home. I will be ordering for the other windows. Impressed with the other window treatments that you had at your store. Thank you
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Sep 2, 2015
We are very pleased with our screens. They look like they came with the house. I had to call support a couple of times and the folks that answered the phone were very helpful.
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Larry Daniels
Jul 27, 2015
We received our order of 6 screens n perfect condition. They were packed very well were in perfect condition. they fit perfectly and appear very quality made. We would not hesitate for any reason to order them again. And will soon. In our neighborhood, some people have these type screens. We noticed that most of them, except us, had a very loose wavy screen put in. Looks awful. We are so grateful Fantastic

Advantages: They gave a lot of help at a moments notice to get the order going.

Disadvantages: None noted. All of the vendors we check, good an bad, had a two to three week back order time.
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Norm Watson
Jul 13, 2015
I purchased numerous sun screen several years ago from Quality Screen; that was an excellent transaction--high quality; reasonable price. When I moved to another house, I order my sun screens also through Quality Screen. This time there was a hick-up in production: actually there were three--the order had to be re-done 2 times after the first production due to manufacturing quality issues. The Customer Service office oversaw the redos until the order was done to the company's high standards. Even though there was a significant delay in receiving my screens, Quality Screen made sure they were made to order and with high production standards before they were eventually shipped. To off-set the delay of final production and shipment, Quality Screen gave me a partial credit to make up for the delay. What's important here is that the Quality Screen company wouldn't ship substandard screens to me and were very proactive in the delayed manufacturing process, and in the end, they made up for the delay with an appropriate credit. Truly, I have not had such personal, honest, and pro-active customer service from any other company. When things didn't go as planned--which happens in the best of companies--Quality Screen bird-dogged the process to make it right in the end. To that end, I highly recommend this company.
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Patrick Mcguirk
Mar 21, 2015
Fit great very good workmanship

Advantages: Block out heat work great
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