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Wood Window Hardware Pack

Wood Window Hardware Pack

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Vintage Victorian homes and retro homes are a beautiful piece of the past and some of the techniques used then and still used today, are undeniably charming. However, many homes feature wooden window frames.

Occasionally, this can present a bit of an issue when attempting to update your window screen to longer-lasting, rustproof metal screen frames with new screens.

Luckily, there's an answer to this problem and it is simple as well as easy to use. Our Wood Window Hardware Pack has everything you need plus hardware extras to secure your metal screens in place.

We researched the most reliable and the leading hardware that would benefit homes with wooden window frames to offer two different Wood Window Hardware Packs for all our professional and DIY customer needs. The two different packs available are:

  • Slip-On – This pack attaches to an aluminum screen frame to then be attached to a wooden window frame. It is specifically made to fit a 7/16 thick frame and comes with a jiffy hanger, slip-on bail loop latch, ball head screws, and extra nails to ensure you have absolutely everything you need.
  • Spline Channel – The Spline Channel Wood Window Hardware Pack features the bail loop latches which attach to the screen frame's spline channel to become a permanent application.

With either of these hardware packs, you'll find a replacement or upgrading much simpler and far less time-consuming at a price for peace of mind. With quantities of 25, 100, and 500, two different types, and in the colors silver, white, and bronze this Wood Window Hardware Pack is truly a versatile must-have for window treatments.

There's no need to struggle with attaching a metal screen frame to wooden frame windows any longer, our Wood Window Hardware Pack will make the entire process that much easier.

Questions or curious about our Wood Window Hardware Packs? Email us or call us via 972-438-9100 to speak to our window treatment customer service experts.

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Joe Mrotzek
Apr 24, 2021
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I had wood window frames that never had screens installed. This pack made the process easy to install. I did replace the brass nails with #4 3/4" brass screws for the guides. Other than that it was a smooth easy installation of 9 window screens.

Advantages: All the parts you need to install screens on wood window frames. Two guides at the top, and two wire hooks to retain the screen at the bottom.

Disadvantages: Brass nails were difficult to nail into the small channel. I substituted brass screws and made fastening easier.
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Xavier Herault
Jun 20, 2015
This item was much better than expected. It comes with the bottom hooks with wood screws which I expected. But it also comes with the side hinges and the nails which I did not expect !!! You can redo your entire window with this kit. A+++

Advantages: Full set to replace the hardware that holds window screens.

Disadvantages: None.
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