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White Adjustable Window Screen 10" Tall (20" to 37" Wide)

White Adjustable Window Screen 10" Tall (20" to 37" Wide)

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Adjustable window screens are convenient and highly economical, providing you with a non-permanent solution for your windows. If you live in an apartment, townhouse, or condo, or simply do not wish to install permanent screens, our 10"" tall white adjustable window screen are perfect. With no tools or fasteners needed, you can open your windows to ventilate your home as you wish.

When you don't need or want to have a custom screen made, these adjustable window screens will be the ideal substitute. They work excellent in wood, metal, or vinyl double-hung windows, and even those without screen tracks. To install, simply open your window, extend the screen to the proper width, and close the window back down on the screen for a snug fit. It's that easy! When you're done, simply open the window to remove the screen and close it. Store these in a side closet for convenient access. This adjustable window screen measures 10" tall with a width adjustment capability of 20" to 37." The white frame is 5/16" with white square corners, charcoal-colored fiberglass screen wire, and black retainer spline. The great thing about fiberglass is that it's very forgiving, so it can be pressed on without ripping open. Plus, it'll effectively keep standard insects out like flies, bees, mosquitos, and spiders. There are many instances where full windows screens just aren't necessary, and that's where these 10"" tall white adjustable window screen options come in handy.

When you're ready to feel the morning or night air, you can! The adjustable window screens open more possibilities for window use than ever before, all at an affordable cost. Please note that these are not guaranteed to keep pets 100% safe, so we recommend that you keep them away from the open window for safety precautions. When you order five or more white adjustable window screen 10"" tall options for your home, your order will automatically qualify for a quantity discount. This means that you'll be able to open all of your windows whenever you'd like, all while saving a little extra. If you have other questions about our 10"" tall white adjustable window screen options, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

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Kenneth BURNS
Nov 2, 2019
Recently purchased window some screens. The screens were delivered in a timely manner and were as advertised. I am pleased with the product.
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Kathy Worthington
Apr 6, 2018
I am delighted with the adjustable window screen I just received. I had previously ordered one from another vendor via Amazon, which was half the price with free shipping. I thought that for the small screen I wanted (10” high, 30” wide) it was worth buying despite some poor reviews. However, the order was cancelled by the vendor because it was not In stock. I searched for another, and found that this size was uncommon, but Quality Screens offered one. I was a bit dubious because the price was twice the other, and the shipping cost was equal to the price. But I had no choice.
When it arrived, I was impressed with the quality of the product - I like that it's plastic and not wood, it operates smoothly and fits perfectly in the window. It is definitely a "Quality Screen." I couldn't be happier!
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Melissa H.
Oct 27, 2017
These are perfect for my apartment, which did not have screens on the windows. I am on the 26th floor and have a cat, so it would not have been possible to open the windows without screens.

Advantages: They are secure so I don't think they will fall out and are not likely to be pushed out by the cat.
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Janet Cullen
Sep 6, 2016
Love these screens!! I reinforced my window screens using these as extra protection since my cat loves to sit on the window sill and felt the regular screen was too easily pushed out should she try. I will be ordering more in different sizes. A friend recommended this company after she purchased similar screens for cat reasons. I have to say the screens were professionally packed and I was so impressed with how quickly they expedited my purchase. Definitely recommend!!!!

Advantages: Wonderfully constructed screens. Well worth the price.

Disadvantages: None!!
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Patricia Christenson
May 28, 2016
The screens arrived quickly, wrapped well and in good condition. 3 of the screens were installed immediately. The 10 inch size is perfect for upper windows and hard to find.

Advantages: Multiple sizes, easy website, quick delivery, and good quality.

Disadvantages: None that I experienced.
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Will Le
May 3, 2016
great product, fits great and quick delivery

Advantages: I bought a house and do not have screens for lower level windows for some odd reason,. This was a cheap easy fix for my home's widows
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Robert Johnson
Jul 7, 2015
These screens were "perfect", for my applications.

Advantages: Well made, high quality, very easy to use.

Disadvantages: None
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Joseph Sheehy
May 22, 2015
Does the job as advertised, quality built, and looks good too. Recommend highly for your screening needs!!
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Sherran Moyer
Apr 9, 2015
This is a great screen when you don't need a whole window screen. Quite good looking, it fits tight, it's really perfect.

Advantages: It fits perfectly.
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Phyllis Taylor
Mar 4, 2012
saw these on a neighbor's windows and like the way they look, thinks these will be very helpful for me real soon
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