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Retractable Screen Doors - Single Door

Retractable Screen Doors - Single Door

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Screen doors are a must have if you like keeping your patio or porch door open. You may not be able to enjoy the morning or night air due to pesky insects like mosquitos. Plus, you may have pets, toddlers, or both that could slip out of an open door. Installing screen doors will help give you a better peace of mind and more use of your patio or porch doorway. We offer retractable single door screen doors that will effectively keep insects out while in use and neatly roll away when you're finished with them.

One of the great qualities about this screen door is that it can be made to fit almost any doorway. When you order, you'll select the correct dimensions for the height and width, so the screen door perfectly fits inside the doorway. For the door mount, if you need an inside jamb recess or outside surface mount, we can ensure the door has these features that as well. You can even specify the direction of the door so using it comes naturally. The retractable screen door for single doors is made with AutoLatch locks and heavy-duty Charcoal fiberglass insect screen. You can find an excellent frame finish to match or complement your home's color scheme. We offer Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand, and Almond finishes.

When you're ready to use the retractable door, simply pull your actual door open and slide the retractable one out. That's it! You can lock it into place, so it stays put after you walk away. This will allow a nice breeze to enter your home and you'll be able to keep an eye on your pets or kids in the yard. When it's time to shut the door, just slide the screen back into its protective housing. This will keep the look of your home unaffected by the screen, which will be tucked away from damage and debris.

Click for Low Price Guarantee The Roll-Away Single Retractable Screen Door Features:

  • Compact 1 7/8" Rounded Roller Housing.
  • Easy to Install and Maintenance Free.
  • Special Heavy Duty Charcoal Fiberglass Screen Fabric.
  • Special Wire Options Available including Sun-Control Screening.
  • Mechanical Locking AutoLatch.
  • Smooth Gliding Adjustable Roller Guides.
  • Inside Jamb or Surface Mount Options.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Shipped Un-assembled for Easy Installation.
  • Available in Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand or Almond finishes.

 Order and buy the Roll-Away Single Retractable Screen Door today!

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Benjamin Carlson
Dec 19, 2020
The retractable screen door from Quality Screen Co. is very well made, it looks nice and installation was quick and easy.

Advantages: Components are cut to size for a professional looking installation and a clean, neat fit. The door operates smoothly. The frame has a low-profile, so it does not stand out when open or closed.

Disadvantages: None
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Charles Martinez
Nov 28, 2020
Overall good quality. Fairly easy to install. Operates well; looks good.

Advantages: Works as advertised. Fits in door frame, easily operated except for one minor detail.

Disadvantages: The door frame that we installed in has a one-inch lip around it. This causes the inside door latch to be hidden when closed. Cannot open from the inside!! Had to rig a by-pass to make it work.
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Ronald Robert Sievert
Jul 23, 2020
Great product that solved my needs for a 42" screen to fit an oversize door.
Works well and easy to use, easy to install (35 min), all parts were cut precisely as ordered...
Best of all...wife is happy!

Advantages: No more door in the way.

Disadvantages: Screen is rough cut top and bottom to roll into housing. The bottom tract covers the edge but the top flops in and out if touched.
Aesthetically if inspected it looks unfinished.
Most don't notice so it works.

An edge seam that would retract into the roller housing would make a big difference in appearance.
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Timothy Halligan
Jul 16, 2020
Good product had an issue with being delivered to wrong state . But service was great. Amanda Guerea immediately responded got new screen made and properly shipped with constant contact on process. Thank you Amanda.

Advantages: Easy installation. Looks good. Works very well

Disadvantages: Instructions could be a little clearer. Like on screen section. Getting to screw flange. After lengthy inspection figured out hoe to pop it ooen.
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Charles Woolard
Jun 25, 2020
After taking all my measurements I wanted to confirm a few things with their customer service. I spoke with a young lady who answered all my questions, one she didn't know the answer on, she put me on hold and a few minutes later got me the answer. EXCELLENT !

Advantages: I purchased this retractable screen because I was using for my basement and had no room for a conventional storm door. Works exactly as I intended.

Disadvantages: In my case, no disadvantages with the door, just my skill level. I had to put the lower tract in concrete and that did not go real well but I eventually got it don.
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Terry Steeden
Jun 24, 2020
Excellent materials and workmanship.

Advantages: High quality, pretty much pre=assembled

Disadvantages: Instructions could be better, but seeing the parts it becomes obvious.
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Stephen Schroeder
May 24, 2020
Great product! Easy to install. Works great.
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John Stegman
Nov 3, 2019
Very well built product.

Advantages: Works smooth and slides well

Disadvantages: A little confusing on the first step of assembly but called rep and he walked me through it.
Very helpful
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Armida Navarro
Aug 28, 2019
I was very pleased with the screen door, but more than that the customer service was amazing Amanda in customer service really took care of us!! A couple things went wrong in the initial delivery and she handled it quickly and gracefully.
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chad pickett
Jul 17, 2019
Great Quality
Great Price

Advantages: DIY
Not schedule
Work at your own pace
Measure yourself

Disadvantages: Waiting for processing
Waiting for shipping
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